When deciding to buy a luxury Balticus watch, its Owner expects after-sales service at the highest possible level.

In the production process of Balticus luxury timepieces, we make every effort to ensure that our branded watches meet the highest quality standards. Therefore, we are sure that every Balticus Watch Owner will enjoy its reliability for many years.

In case of any problems with our unique products, we cover their owners and the watches themselves with prestigious after-sales service.

The submission of the watch for service is done through the website:

After filing a claim, a courier will show up to pick up the watch. PLEASE REMEMBER TO INCLUDE A CARD WITH YOUR ADDRESS AND CONTACT INFORMATION IN THE PACKAGE!

After service work, the watch will return to you in the same mode.

Watches that require adjustment are taken to our Authorized Service Center, where they are restored to their original parameters under the guidance of one of Poland’s top watchmakers. We are proud to have enlisted the Ogrodowicz and Son Watchmaking Company to cooperate in the warranty and post-warranty service of our exceptional watches.

It is no secret that the same master, in the production process, is responsible for quality control of all Balticus watches. In our opinion, this is the best recommendation of the quality and durability of our brand’s exclusive men’s and women’s watches.

Craftsman, Master, Passionate, Lover.

Zaklad Zegarmistrzowski Ogrodowicz and Son, is a company with a history that began in the difficult post-war years. In 1947. Stanislaw Ogrodovich, in Breslau, began his family’s uninterrupted adventure with watchmaking for nearly eight decades. The doyen of the family, he first infected his son, Francis, with a passion for his profession, who did the same with his successor, his son Peter. The men, despite their different temperaments, have a pleasure to work together, and learn from each other.

The combination of experience and a modern approach to the watchmaking profession captivated us most when we were looking for a company that could meet our high quality expectations, which we wanted to implement and maintain in the production process of Balticus watches.

We knew that premium watches, despite their above-average attention to quality, are devices that will require extra care in exceptional situations. Already during the first meeting, at the Ogrodovich and Son factory, we knew that we would work together, and that our exclusive watches would end up in the right hands.