Authorized after-sales-service Ogrodowicz i Syn is located in Gdynia on 10. February 25 street.

Vip Service - repair under warranty

In order to ensure comfort to its Customers, Balticus has introduced the Vip Service, which is a quick and easy way to lodge a complaint. If your watch does not work properly, please check if the user manual does not contain a solution concerning the settings or adjustment of the watch. In the event of a product defect, you do not need to send your watch or deliver it to the point of sale.

Just go to and fill in the notification form or call +48 796 504 130. The authorized service center is open on business days from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. After receiving the confirmation of receipt of the notification, the courier will contact you within two business days to collect the watch and after repair will deliver it back to you. From the moment of receiving the watch by the courier you will be informed by SMS and e-mail about the status of the repair.

In addition, the Technical Hotline will provide you with information about services, mechanical damage repair poimts, addresses of repair services, sample repair prices, information about the correct use of the watch, typical errors in the use of the watch.

Data needed to report a warranty repair:

  • Vip Service card number,
  • Watch make, watch model number,
  • Number and date of issue of proof of purchase (receipt, invoice),
  • The address from which the courier will collect the defective watch and deliver it after repair,
  • Phone number,
  • E-mail address.

Vip Service advantages:

  • Dedicated hotline for reporting warranty repairs
  • Possibility to report warranty repairs via the website
  • Watch collection guarantee within two working days of registration
  • Free transport of the watch organized by an authorized service center to the service and after repair to the customer (D2D)
  • Repair at the manufacturer’s service
  • Service throughout Poland
  • Priority of repair time – expertise in 48 hours from the moment the watch is delivered to the service
  • Coverage of transport costs in case of battery replacement in the first year of warranty
  • Traceability of repair status
  • Unlimited access to the Technical Hotline


  1. Pack the package so that your watch will not be damaged during transport.
  2. Put the warranty card in the package.
  3. Please write “complaint” on the package.
  4. Do not send in the original packaging. Authorized service does not always return them.