Men's and women's Balticus Stardust watches

A special place in our collection and in our hearts is occupied by the Stardust series of exclusive watches. The watch, as the only one in our offer lived to see both men’s and women’s versions. It is the jewel in the crown of luxury Balticus watches.

Lying on the beach at night, listening to the sound of waves crashing on the shore, many of us have gazed at the boundlessness of the starry him, which seems to have neither beginning nor end. Ah, if only it were possible to grasp this view even in a small way and have it exclusively to ourselves. Thanks to the exquisite Baltius watches from the Stardust line, this has become possible. The most beautiful part of the sky has been enclosed in the envelope of our watch, so that it can please its Owner at any time of the day or night.


Minimalism and elegance

The first watches in the Star Dust series featured an avant-garde dial. The power of the boundless sky enclosed in the small surface of the Star Dust watch dial required an appropriate setting. The designers of this timepiece decided to give the watch a timeless elegance, creating a unique envelope topped with a polygonal lunette. The whole design is ascetic, without fine ornaments or additional polishing.

The lunette is decorated with indexes and hands designed in a minimalist style, but with remarkable accuracy and precision. The only extravagance is, appearing, in selected models, the date window.


Many variations of the model

The Stardust collection gained more references as its popularity grew. Today, the models of this watch are also finished with numerals made of natural meteorite and in many color versions, creating a collection with almost infinite possibilities of compilation.

The heart of the watch, is its most important element. The unique Balticus watches in the Stardust collection will satisfy the most demanding customers. Timepieces in this series are powered by a wide range of mechanisms. Starting from super-detailed quartz mechanisms, through exceptional automatic verks, with the complication of 3 hands, and ending with an extremely luxurious and recognized among horologists, Swiss mechanism ETA VALJOUX 7750.

No matter which version you choose, each watch in the Stardust series, is equipped with sapphire glass with anti-reflective coating. For the safety and greater comfort of Owners, each watch has an above-average water resistance of up to 100 meters.

An additional flavor of the entire unique collection of Star Dust watches is the fact that some of the references are made of damascus steel. We are proud to have been the first Polish watch company to opt for such a solution. These watches stand out not only from their brethren in the collection, but also from the established competition.


An indispensable styling element

The premium Balticus watches from the Stardust series, are the jewel in the crown of our collections. An object of pride and desire among our customers. The shape of the envelope recalls the best patterns of the art of watch design of recognized world brands. That is why Star Dust watches fit every wrist and every occasion and outfit. Regardless of the situation, they are a decoration and counterpoint to catch the attention of others.