Classics in a nautical convention


We decided that the turn of spring and summer 2023. is the perfect time for the launch of another watch from under the Balticus Poland sign. Our goal was to design a watch that is missing from the company’s current lineup.

Looking for inspiration, we decided to emphasize more strongly our connection with the sea. That’s how we came up with the watch series, which we have named the Steersman. The theme of this classic watch is the rudder wheel, which is an indispensable part of most vessels. The watch is designed in a minimalist convention using the best materials.

Less is more

The dominant element of the dial of each of the four available Helmsman models is the ring, which catches the eye, clearly making its presence felt on the dial. Surrounding the ring on its outer side, there are superimposed circular indexes filled inside with an extremely brightly glowing luminescent substance. On the inside of the ring, in the line of the indexes, you will find small oblong markers, colorfully related to the color in which the ring itself was made.

Elegance and sophistication of the watch, is given by Breguet-type hands. They are characterized by a slender line and are finished with a ring with a spike. The rings are filled with perfectly luminous BWG9 lume, which has been applied with extreme precision. The whole is completed by the seconds hand, classic in its form, so delicate that it is almost unnoticeable.

Adventure and elegance in one

The helmsman from the Balticus “shipyard” is a watch addressed to those who love adventure, which is inseparable from sea voyages. Thanks to its compact size, the watch will sit perfectly under the cuff of a man’s shirt, but will also find its way perfectly on a woman’s wrist.

The timepiece, due to its classic design and dimensions, will go well with any style, adding an unobtrusive elegance to it.

Uniqueness in every piece

We get the Helmsman watch in 4 color variants. Two of them have dials in white, but a different finish on the ring and hands. In the first case, these pieces have been polished to a high gloss, while in the second they are dyed in a beautiful dark blue color. It is worth mentioning that the watch with a silver ring, polished to a high shine, is limited to only 75 pieces. Its counterpart with a navy blue finish on the dial elements is limited to 150 pieces.

The identical limitation boasts a model with a black dial. In this case, the ring and hands are colored in gold. The last watch of the four has been produced in 125 pieces and features a navy blue dial, while the ring and hands are silver and polished to a high gloss.

Each piece has its own unique limitation number, engraved on the watch’s caseback.

Reliability and total transparency

Each watch in the Steersman series features a silver stainless steel envelope, polished to a high shine. The dial of the watch is protected by a flat sapphire glass.

The watch is powered by an automatic movement made by Japanese company Miyota, series 9. The vernier used made it possible to achieve an extremely slim silhouette of the watch. Its height is only 9.5mm, while the diameter of the envelope without the crown is a universal 40mm. The watch has a waterproof rating of 5ATM.

Sapphire glass has also been placed in the lid covering the mechanism, allowing us to take a closer look at the pendulum. On the Helmsman, the rotor was decorated with the Balticus logo applied to its surface. In this way, a three-dimensional impression was achieved. It is also unique in that the finish of the Balticus name on the pendulum relates in color to the dial’s finishing elements.