Flying seal

The collection of Blaticus watches, a Polish manufacturer of luxury timepieces, has been enriched with another exceptional model. This time the designers decided to combine two elements, water and air. This is how the unique Balticus Flying Seal 42mm Chrono watch was created.

Balticus emphasises strong links with the sea in each of its projects. However, the company is seeking to explore hitherto uncharted territory by breaking the boundaries of the impossible. The combination of the two elements, water and air, in Flying Seal’s latest project seems to be the best example of this.

Flying Seal

The latest Watch, which debuts in showrooms in 2024, is a fine example of a superbly designed and drawn ‘pilot’ type timepiece. The Balticus Flying Seal Chrono is our answer to the expectations of customers who were looking for an item in the Balticus watch collection that is different from what they have seen so far.

What sets our design apart at first glance is the chronograph complication, which is beautifully presented on the main dial of the watch in the form of three smaller sub-dials, responsible for indicating the various parameters of elapsed time.

Aviator watches are characterised by above-average readability of the indications. The designers of the Balticus Flying Seal Chrono made sure that the wearer of this watch could feel like a real pilot, and designed each sub-dial in a different, distinctive way. In addition, they have placed the symbol of an upward-facing triangle at 12 o’clock. The hands, in the shape typical of aviation watches, have been infused with a luminescent substance, as have the aforementioned triangle and the small hour indexes positioned just above the basic applied indexes polished to a high gloss.

Maximum functionality

The Balticus Flying Seal watch is also distinguished by its envelope, which measures 42mm without the crown. The chronograph functions are operated by two robust-looking ‘pushers’ located on either side of the crown. To emphasise the aviation pedigree of the watch, they are suitably large and allow the watch functions to be managed even when wearing gloves, which is particularly important for pilots. The watch’s crown is tightened and its back has been intricately finished with the Balticus logo.

The envelope conceals the reliable and precise Miyota 6S20 quartz movement.

Two elements, four options

The Balticus Flying Seal Chrono has been prepared in four dial colour versions. Two iridescent, in green and blue, a deep solid black and the well-known and much-loved aventurine-finished dial.

The dial is protected by a flat sapphire glass, coated on the inside with anti-reflective coating, which significantly improves the legibility of the watch’s indications, especially on sunny days. On the opposite side of the envelope is a non-transparent, screw-on lid with a seal taking flight engraved in the central part.

The watch can be configured on an excellent quality bracelet with butterfly clasp or a specially designed strap in high-quality leather, finished with a classic buckle of course with the Balticus logo.