Balticus Watches brand ambassadors

In our search for perfection, we strive to meet the highest expectations set by the market, but above all by our customers, both existing and future. We want our unique watches to be identified with Swiss reliability, associated with Polish design and to be filled with the spirit of healthy sporting competition

That’s why we decided to make Kamil Grosicki the ambassador of exclusive Balticus watches. The confidence in the Balticus watch brand on the part of the footballer also resulted in his financial commitment to our project, thanks to which Kamil also became our shareholder. Cooperation on such a broad scale is proof that both parties have taken their tasks and responsibilities extremely seriously, taking joint responsibility for the future of the Balticus brand.

We are happy to promote our unique watches for both Men and Women in the person of a famous football player, famous for his indomitable heart and heroic work on the field. Kamil is an example of an excellent athlete, who is becoming a better player with the passage of time, skillfully using the experience gained on the playing fields, among others. Premier League.

We want Balticus luxury watches to be the epitome not only of beauty and prestige, but to express by their form the values we value and to which we pay tribute, and at the same time to be a symbol of success in sports. The spirit of sports is present in most of our projects. It is intertwined with a passion for creating things that are beautiful and sublime.

We are proud that Kamil Grosicki has powered the Balticus team, making it more complete and stronger than ever.