Wisła Kraków

As long as Sigismund’s bell rings at Wawel, so long will our Vistula win still………

These words begin the anthem of one of Poland’s most distinguished football clubs, Wisla Kraków. The club is made up of people. Adam Nawalka, Andrzej Iwan, Kazimierz Kmiecik, Maciej Żurawski, or Jakub Blaszczykowski are just some of the names of footballers who had the honor of representing the club from Reymonta 20 and playing with the White Star on their chest.

Equally important are the fans, for whom the ball circulates from foot to foot and seeks impatiently a path to the opponent’s goal. It is for the supporters of the White Star and thanks to them that a legend of the club is created, with which they remain for better or for worse. Every fan of Wisla Krakow owns a scarf, most on match day don shirts with the names of their idols, wear caps. Filled with faith in another victory, they head to the stadium on game day to manifest their devotion to the club colors.

The club, Wisla Krakow, has decided to give the fans of its teams something special. Przedmoit, which will not only be a club gadget, but will become an object of desire for every supporter of the team. The choice fell on a watch that could only be created in cooperation with a Polish timepiece manufacturer. After a long search, Club Wisla Kraków invited Balticus to the “Watch for the White Star” project.

In creating the initial guidelines for the design itself, it was determined that the watch must reflect the DNA of the club and should clearly indicate that it was created for an exceptional team, the White Star. The task was not easy. However, Balticus designers took up the gauntlet and proposed that the inspiration for the watch being created should be the first stadium clock of Wisla Krakow, by Omega. The idea appealed to the club’s activists. Other conditions concerned the solutions and materials used. These had to be of the highest quality with attention to the smallest details. That’s how the watchmaker’s masterpiece, limited to 114 pieces, was created and, after several months of work, donated to the club.

The watch met all of Wisla Krakow’s expectations and even far exceeded them. It is worth noting that the Balticus watch, for the first time ever, has been fitted with an automatic movement from the Swiss company Sellita’s SW200 series, which can be partially admired through the bannered lid, which has been stamped with the White Star logo.

The watch created is also an object of pride for Balticus. A lot of energy was put into its preparation, which the designers and creators drew from the history and successes of the White Star. The exclusive Wisla Krakow watch includes sweat and tears, and a small part from each of the 13 championship seasons that Wisla Krakow finished as Polish Champion.

........ Long live our Vistula, for it is a Krakow club.