Balticus Deep Water – grey men’s waterproof watch on bracelet or strap

Balticus Deep Water men's watches

Every luxury watch brand dreams that its products can be referred to as “legendary.” Exceptional watches in the Balticus collection are many, and one of the most important places in our Hall of Fame is occupied by the Deep Water model.

The design of the watch was prepared by Piotr Ogrodowicz. Even before the presentation, we knew it would be an exceptional timepiece. The result exceeded our expectations. The branded Balticus Deep Water watch has hit the living rooms and has become incredibly popular among watch enthusiasts and collectors. He has gained a circle of loyal fans, which is constantly growing. This inspired us to give our customers another second installment of this outstanding diverter.

We put a lot of energy and passion into the project, creating a functional watch, with a purpose. Deep Water is a flesh-and-blood dive watch. Enthusiasts can descend to a depth of 300 meters with him.

Hobbies, work and beauty

We are proud that the unique Balticus Deep Water watch has been a great success. The timepiece combines the features of an everyday watch with a professional diving tool. The solutions used in the watch mean that its owner, does not have to part with it, combining work and hobbies, without worrying about the condition of the watch, or getting it wet.

Taking care of the functionality of the timepiece, we wanted the Balticus Deep Water luxury watch to look extremely phenomenal on the wrists and in the collection of its Owners. To this day, we still find it difficult to decide whether a watch is more functional or more beautiful.

The materials used leave no illusion to its users that they are dealing with a luxury product. It’s all thanks to a ceramic bezel insert, sapphire glass with anti-reflection, or small yet revolutionary design treatments. We love the two small oxygen bottles at 12 o’clock. On top of that, the watch is offered in 4 dial color options: black, blue, green and gray.

There were three of them

To emphasize the prestige and pamper Owners of the premium branded Balticus Deep Water watch, an additional strap is included.

With such a set, everyone will configure the watch according to their needs and match it to the situation. Replacing the straps, is extremely easy, thanks to the quick change bracelet solutions used. We make sure that every owner of a unique Balticus Deep Water watch can, at least for a moment, become a watchmaker at home, and replace the strap of his beloved watch by himself.

Strap and bracelet included

The aforementioned full-link bracelet was, as befits a diver, equipped with a locking clasp. In the set, the customer receives A watch on a bracelet and with a canvas strap. You can buy a silicone strap, it is mainly for comfort and convenience when swimming or diving. That is, everything that is most important and the best at the same time. The nylon strap, meanwhile, works just as well on land as it does underwater, plus it looks great. The fullness of possibilities is what distinguishes the men’s luxury watch from this series. Of course, we have made sure that the adjustment range allows the watch to be fastened on a diving foam. Balticus Deep Water is full immersion!