Moonfish Collection

When we create a new watch, we try to push boundaries previously unattainable for us. It requires a lot of imagination but also courage. It was no different for the youngest watch in our collection, the thoroughly luxurious and sophisticated Balticus Moonfish

The designer of this premium men’s watch was Matthew Przystala. Putting the design process in his capable hands and unlimited imagination, we were sure that the most extraordinary model in our collection would be created. This was also our dream, which Matthew will fulfill in the best possible way.

Balticus Moonfish refined in every detail.

Balticus Moonfish is a watch that is unique in every way. In the process of its production, we used 904L stainless steel, which is used by renowned watch manufactures in the world. The alloy of this steel is commonly called “rolex”. It is an austenitic steel, characterized by high molybdenum and copper addition and very low carbon content. It is used for the manufacture of envelopes where excellent corrosion and abrasion resistance is required. The higher nickel content of 904L steel makes it a much more expensive component, which is why we consider the Balticus Monnfish watch an extremely prestigious product.

Perfect details, sublime beauty

The uniqueness of the components used in the production of the prestigious Balticus Moonfish watch is an introduction, which found development in the extraordinary attention to every detail of this exclusive timepiece. The most eye-catching feature is the bezel that closes the watch’s envelope from the top. It was finished in an extremely precise and intricate way, thanks to notches gouged in two meeting planes. They form a surface to improve the functionality of operating the bezel ring. This is a perfect example of combining pragmatism with refined elegance. The ring’s notch system in 904L steel invites rays of light that, like a prima ballerina, dance on the made grooves jumping between them, creating a feria of luminous reflections, catching the eye. One cannot pass by the Bbalticus Monnfish watch indifferently.

Reliability at all times

The luxurious Balticus Moonfish watch features an unbroken and precise Japanese Miyota 9015 movement with automatic winding and crown tightening capability. A sapphire glass with anti-reflection has been integrated into the bezel ring. The indexes and hands are filled with Swiss Super-LumiNova luminescent compound ogradation X1. The manufacturer assures that its performance, after two hours of exposure, is 60% higher than that of a standard luminous mass. It also fills the bezel markers and our company logo incorporated into the crown!

Freedom of choice

To satisfy the most demanding customers, the Balticus Moonfish watch has been prepared in 6 different color references. Each is limited, and each watch has its own individual limitation number.