The watch and pen set has limitation numbers 1-10, and the watch itself has limitation numbers 11-200.

In pursuit of perfection

The year 2024 proved to be a landmark in the history of our company. In February, during the 50th anniversary edition of the International Jewelry and Watch Fair, Inhorgenta, we premiered our newest and most advanced watch in terms of design and applied complications, with the mysterious-sounding name Perun.

So far, we have been inspired by the sea when producing our exclusive watches. The element of water is closest to our hearts. In creating the Perun watch, we decided to tame another one of them, this time we are talking about air, or more precisely, outer space.

We were inspired to work on the Perun watch by SpaceForest, a Gdynia-based company that has been working for many years, among other things. Over the conquest of space. The persistence and consistency of SpaceForest’s owners resulted in 2023. with the successful launch of the target suborbital rocket, which was launched from the Ustka training ground, reaching an altitude of 22km.

Balticus supported the initiative to develop the Polish rocket. The collaboration gave birth to the idea of creating a watch named after the rocket. We began work on the design of the Perun timepiece in 2023.

The goal I set for myself and my collaborators was simple, to create a watch with exceptional aesthetic qualities, the highest precision of workmanship and with the best quality materials,says Bartosz Knop, the brand’s owner .

While working on the Perun watch, the Balticus Poland team avoided any compromises. We carried out design work based on successively emerging prototypes, as evidenced by the spectacular final result. The level of progress was as high as in the construction of the suborbital rocket of our friends at SpaceForest. Additional motivation was provided by the success of the first rocket launch and announcements of future launches.

There is no limit

When the final version of the watch was created, the Perun rocket already had two successful flights behind it. Holding the finished watch in our hands, we felt that we had created a unique device that, in addition to its practical functions, will also satisfy the tastes of the most discerning enthusiasts of the art of watchmaking and space enthusiasts.

The first and most significant element of the watch, referring directly to outer space, is its dial. It was made of natural, uncolored meteorite. Our designer, Matthew Przystal, faced the challenge of composing this part of the watch as clearly as possible. For the first time in the history of our company, we have used the complications of the chronograph and moon phases in a single timepiece. The dial of our unusual watch has 3 sub dials, and a date window. The most spectacular complication adorns the dial between one and two o’clock, where there were indications of the moon’s phases. This is another element that connects our watch to SpaceForest’s rocket design.

By placing the various elements of the dial face at different levels of depth, we achieved a fascinating three-dimensional effect of the dial. Looking at the starry sky at night, we feel the power and infinity of the cosmos. We decided to transfer the same effect of space and depth to the dial of the Perun watch. It was the natural meteorite used in its construction that brought together two worlds, the tame earthly one and the inaccessible, mysterious and infinite world of space.

Working on Balticus’ first spacewatch was an unusual challenge for me. During the design work, one sensed that we were working on something completely new and uniqueMatthew Przystal says. In creating this watch I wanted to work on contrasts. Therefore, we have extremely suggestive jewelry details, set in geometric sharply drawn shapes“.

Perun watch, is a small work of art and precision mechanics. The original composed dial was placed in an extremely finely designed envelope. It represents an expansion of our previous projects and is their highest evolution.

The envelope begins with a spectacular twelve-sided telescope, which is a conscious development of the Gerald Genta concept. The scope’s circular ring, is satin-finished and provides the perfect counterpoint to its polygonal base, with extremely crisp straight lines. This part of the scope is polished to a high gloss. It also has contoured horizontal planes, which creates unlimited space to work with light. Light creates life on its surface, in the form of a colorful collage of sparks, flashes and illuminations. This display involuntarily catches the eye and mesmerizes the viewer, who cannot take his eyes off the watch’s envelope.

Another element of the envelope that we are extremely proud of is the design of the crown and pushers. Many hours spent at the computer and prepared prototypes led us to what we believe is the ideal solution, where the mechanism that controls the functions of the watch is a single unit. Pushers were incorporated into the covers of the intricately finished lace. They even have a jewel-like finish and are embedded in specially designed spaces that have been created in the side line of the envelope. This part of the watch has a more raw, mechanical character. The use of straight lines and sharp edges is reminiscent of tools made with surgical precision, essential when working in space. This provides an excellent response to the smooth lines of the scope’s ring.

The lace was hidden between two solid arms that serve as its cover. This small jewel responsible for setting the watch’s main indications deserves special protection. It is the result of Balticus Poland’s utmost attention to detail and quality workmanship. The grip part of the lace, to improve its functionality, has been finished with a pronounced ribbing. If you look closely, you will notice the impeccable accuracy of the cuts made and the sharpness of the edges. The top of the lace is decorated with our company’s logo, an intricately crafted and highly polished letter B, placed on a satin surface.

The interior of the envelope is filled with an extremely precise ETA G10 quartz mechanism bearing 4 stones. The whole is covered by an opaque lid with a rocket embossed against a starry sky.

The watch is available with a bracelet made of solid links, finished with a sturdy clasp that gives confidence and security that the timepiece will stay in place when worn.

The Perun watch will be quite a treat for collectors and fans of watchmaking art and space. It will be produced in a limited number of 200 pieces, each with its own limitation number.

An unusual combination

Balticus Poland has become accustomed to its loyal customers that it can surprise by offering its unique watches in unusual sets. This time the Perun watch will be offered in combination with a top-quality fountain pen from a renowned Polish manufacturer, Makar Tools. Fountain pens of this Olsztyn manufactory are known all over the world and are extremely popular among both collectors and users. 

However, not everyone will be able to gloat over the joy of owning such a prestigious set. Only 10 sets of the Perun watch and this unique pen have been prepared. We are, of course, talking about the first ten issues of the limitation. 

The pen, offered with the watch, is made entirely of titanium. It presents top-notch and globally unique solutions. They are distinguished by, among other things. spinner,  spinning element located on top of the pen cap. It was finished with the top of the Balticus watch crown and set on a ceramic bearing. On the opposite side of the fountain pen, a specially designed pocket contains an element resembling a rocket engine. The space has been filled with luma for the effect of a working spacecraft drive. 

The fountain pen, offered in a set with our latest watch, is handmade. This means that no two copies of this device are identical. A distinctive feature of each is the rollstop, which protects this valuable item from falling off the desk. Makar Tools manufactory is one of the few in the world, and the only one in Poland, to mount this part of the pen on its body. 

At the height of the rollstop function, which prevents the pen from rolling off the desk, there are small “windows” that allow you to look inside the device and check the ink level without opening it. As the only manufacturer in the world, the Makar Tools manufactory also uses viewing windows on the  section of the pen. 

Another noteworthy feature of the fountain pen, offered exclusively with the first ten limited edition Perun watches, is a customized nib, also made of titanium. Underneath the nib is the so-called. ebonite float. This is the most classic possible solution and a nod to the tradition of making fountain pens. 

Perun is a Slavic thunder deity. One of the foremost in the Slavic pantheon. We have no doubt that our watch proudly bearing the same name will go down in gold in the annals of Polish watchmaking and begin a new chapter in the history of not only our company. 

We are proud of the results of the work and efforts that went into creating the Perun watch, in that it was inspired by people who have dreams and are able to realize them. 

However, we would like to point out that the Perun watch is not an end in itself, but an extremely important step in the pursuit of excellence.

The watch as well as the set with the pen are pre-sale items. The planned shipping time is late June/early July while keeping in mind that we are dealing with production and delays are possible,.