Balticus Grey Seal Men's Watches

The Balticus collection of exclusive men’s watches takes its inspiration from the Baltic Sea. It could be no different with the first model we created. The premium Balticus Grey Seal watch was the first timepiece to be created in our company. That’s why we hold it in the highest esteem and attach enormous importance to this model.

Designing the first watch in the collection was accompanied by incredible emotions. Our goal was to create a luxury men’s watch, which on the one hand will have a classic dash and solutions, and on the other hand will be a unique design, which details will stand out from others.

In our opinion, the goal has been perfectly realized.

The project is a challenge

The Balticus Grey Seal watch has already lived to see its third edition, which is excellent proof of how popular it is among fans of the Balticus brand. Its success is undoubtedly due to its uncompromising design. The watch was designed as a “compressor”. A special feature of these watches, which were passionately created in 1950-70, is the increased waterproofing class. In addition, watches of this type are distinguished by two crowns, of which the additional one, located at 2 o’clock, operates an internal rotating bezel.

The distinguishing feature of our unique Grey Seal watch design is its dials. Each was designed with attention to the smallest detail and covered with exceptionally bold color combinations. The color scheme used is distinctive and unique. The dials were made in the gradient technique, that is, we combined two colors on the dial, which smoothly transition one into the other. This is a special feature of the premium men’s Balticus Grey Seal watches.


Timeless diver

The Grey Seal Balticus watch is designed so that its Owner can use it on a daily basis, and in more extreme situations. The increased, up to 10 atmospheres, water resistance provides the watch with excellent protection against water. In addition, the functional utility is emphasized by the minimalist design of the dial, which is extremely easy to read and allows you to quickly and accurately read the indications of the watch in any circumstances.

The reliability and longevity of the watch is ensured by the applied Japanese Miyota 9015 automatic-winding movement.


Swiss precision

The traditional version of Balticus Gray Seal luxury watches has also lived to see a more complicated development, in the form of the Chronograph. This is the first model of Balticus watches in which we have used a unique Swiss mechanism ETA Valjoux 7750.It is thanks to it that Balticus Grey Seal Chronograph owes the appearance of the dial, which has gained an additional 3 sub-dials.

The mechanism used is a nod to the most demanding fans of timepieces, who pay more than average attention to the components from which their dream watch was created.