Marcin Oleksy

Amp soccer - a type of soccer played by players with unilateral amputation of the lower limb, in the case of field players, or the upper limb in goalkeepers[1]. "So much definition about the sport I play," says Marcin Oleksy, "the rest is the same, the smell of the locker room, the turf, the ball and the desire to win. My whole life has been tied to soccer, but one day fate decided to mock me and my world changed 180 degrees," - he recalls. Since childhood, we are taught that after every "bang" and hard encounter with the ground, we need to get up, shake it off and move on. Some handle it better, others worse. Marcin Oleksy is a perfect example of a man who had to put his world back together from scratch, and who succeeded brilliantly.

Memories still vivid

"The chances of the ball falling on my leg, where I was standing on the field, were almost none. The chances of him pulling off the shot in such a way that everyone's jaws dropped were close to zero. Chances are I'll hit the ball perfectly, and it will go into the far corner of the goal with enough force and rotation.......... Yet it happened. All these unbelievable things happened at the right time and place and led me to the Olympus of my dreams and desires." - that's how scoring the most beautiful goal in the FIFA poll was recalled by the hero of this gala and the winner of the Ferenc Puskas Award for scoring the most beautiful goal in 2022, the year of the World Cup. Woman The parting with the ball, in Martin's case, lasted a long nine years. He returned to the field in 2019. At the urging of the woman of his life. Not for the first time, it turned out that behind the strong man stands a woman, stands and ............. urges the man not to stop dreaming.

First match

In his own words, his first amp soccer game had a bittersweet taste. After entering the field, he scored a goal, only to come off the turf after another 10 minutes with a broken fibula. This only strengthened his conviction that he had made the right decision, he wanted to speak of himself again as “I, a footballer.” After just 7 weeks, he was ready to play again and was on fire to help his colleagues in future matches.

Marcin plays for Warta Poznań on a daily basis and combines his duties as a soccer player with his normal life. Work, home, child rearing, training. He is also a representative of Poland and has already participated in the World Championships. He also has something that no Polish footballer in the entire history of soccer has won so far, despite the fact that such soccer virtuosos as Boniek, Lewandowski, Deyna, and Szarmach have run or are running on the fields.

When Marcin recalls the FIFA gala, he immediately smiles from ear to ear and admits with disarming sincerity that he doesn’t remember much of it. The emotions were indescribable, and the speech he had prepared, just in case, right after he took the stage, flew away like a dream. However, by his own admission, he said exactly what he wanted. Although it was only after watching the Gala from the replay that he found out. Moreover, he adds with remarkable modesty that he did not count on a reward. The very nomination for the TOP 3 most beautiful goals of 2022. was a tremendous honor. The biggest names in the world of soccer, headed by Messi and Mbappe, came to the gala and were able to applaud an ordinary boy from Poland who just wanted, after a serious accident, to start kicking a ball again.

Marcin appeared at the Gala in an elegant suit and with a Balticus Grey Seal watch on his wrist. Perhaps the hope-colored shield brought him good luck?

Marcin Oleksy – brand ambassador of Balticus, Balticus luxury automatic watches

“At the gala I answered a lot of questions, but one of them surprised me quite a bit. A representative of the Watch Spotter group asked me about the watch on my wrist. Grey Seal with a green dial from Balticus accompanied me throughout the evening. Admittedly, the timing of the night, was rather relative for me, but I believe that an elegant man should pay attention to accessories. That’s why I am very happy to have partnered with Balticus, which supports me and produces excellent quality watches.”

Bartosz Knop – founder and owner of Balticus company

“I am pleased that Marcin Oleksy has joined the ranks of our Ambassadors. It represents the most popular sport in our country and around the world, in a variety that is gaining increasing recognition. Amp soccer is a perfect example of how sports can help regain life’s balance and fulfill dreams, both big and small.

I am proud that Balticus can accompany Marcin in his successes and support him in achieving his next sports goals. It is said that a footballer is only as good as his last match. If I were to paraphrase the saying, I firmly believe that this best match is still ahead of Marcin and ahead of Balticus this greatest watch.”