About Balticus watch brand

The brand's origins and inspiration. Out of love, out of passion, out of dreams.

Great things arise from small inspirations. The origins of the Balticus brand are closely linked to Bartosz Knop’s travels and desire to discover the world and its mysteries. On another trip, the future founder of the brand was charmed by the products of a small Icelandic watch manufactory, JS Watch. The opportunity to interact with works of watchmaking art that are created on a small island, at the end of the world, so strongly influenced Bartosz that he decided to face a dream that had been germinating in his head for many years.

Creating its own brand of exclusive watches, became the theme of Bartosz Knop’s next activities. As a lover of the art of watchmaking, he realized that a passion for timepieces was not enough to realize such an ambitious project. His past business experience, hinted that it would be extremely difficult, and he would face a myriad of challenges along the way.

Doubt, innate curiosity, and persistence and consistency became the key motivation for the final decision in 2015. resulted in the creation of the Polish watch brand Balticus. Although the direct inspiration came from distant Iceland, Bartosz Knop felt that the inspiration for branding should be drawn from his small homeland, where he grew up and which shaped him as a person.

Bartosz Knop, a travel enthusiast, by day communed with the Baltic Sea, which became his window to the world. The boundless expanse of Mare Balticum has always evoked a faster heartbeat and an irrepressible desire to reach beyond the horizon. The fascination was fueled by youthful dreams of adventure, hidden beyond the horizon.

The love for the Baltic Sea was so strong that it eventually inspired the name Balticus. Meanwhile, the first model to be created under the new brand was named Grey Seal, or Grey Seal, which like a Phoenix from the ashes, by the efforts of enthusiasts is returning to the Polish beaches of the Baltic Sea.

Dreams do come true, but they always require determination, backed by strength of character and hard work. Each model of Balticus watches has a primordial DNA in it, inspired by the boundlessness of the Baltic Sea, the love of travel, following dreams.

Balticus watches are luxury timepieces, created to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers at home and abroad.

Bartosz Knop founder and enthusiast

Great things can come from passion and dreams. However, before a person is mature enough to make, important decisions for his future, he must go through many winding roads and learn many life lessons.

Bartosz Knop is a native of Wladyslawow and it was from this city that he began his professional path. Before he became a watch manufacturer, the creator of Poland’s most popular and largest watch brand, he faced challenges in the food industry abroad. In exile, he accumulated experience and capital, which gave rise to the decision to build the Balticus brand.

The beginnings and most of Bartosz Knop’s professional life were related to the food industry. He was the founder and co-founder of a company that processed fish, specifically cod livers. Working abroad was associated with many sacrifices, such as separation from the family that remained in Poland. All of his actions and decisions, however, were directed toward returning to the country. After many years abroad, Bartosz decided to return to his hometown, to the Polish coast. 

The Baltic Sea has always occupied an important place in Bartok’s life and once again played an important role in his story. It gave a name to the new company that Bartosz Knop invented and decided to create from the very beginning. Balticus has completely taken hold and brought out more of its founder’s energy. 

The experience gained abroad allowed to think more calmly about the prospect of building a new independent brand of exceptional watches. Bartek was determined enough not to be bothered by his lack of experience in the watch industry. He has never hidden the fact that his knowledge in this area is poor. Inspired by the Icelandic manufactory JS Watch, he set a course for success. 

The result of his hard work is Balticus, which has been in business since 2015. designs and creates Polish watches. After several years of operation, it is safe to say that dreams do come true, but not alone. Their realization requires a lot of determination, commitment, sometimes luck, but also kind people, whom Bartosz Knop met on his way.  

Watchmaking Ogrodowicz and Son

Balticus currently has more than 50 models of timepieces on regular sale. Most of our watches are assembled in the watchmaking salon in Gdynia - Ogrodowicz and Son, where the Ogrodowicz family has been involved in watchmaking for three generations. It is thanks to their work and experience that many mistakes are avoided already in the design phase, or when evaluating prototypes. See how their plant was established and developed.

Piotr Ogrodowicz

From an early age, he implemented himself in the secrets of the profession to successfully run one of the most recognizable watchmaking establishments in the Tri-City. It operates an authorized service center, among others. Swiss and Japanese brands. Balticus has been with the company since the launch of the watches, assembling selected models and serving as a service technician, but is also actively involved in the design and implementation phase of new models.

Mateusz Przystał - designer

Designer and creative half of the founding duo D61 Design. Journalists write about him: "young and with experience". - Matthew was born in 1995, but took his first professional steps when he was still a teenager. He grew up on the so-called. hard design, or cooperation with heavier industries.

He is eager to choose means of transportation for the challenge (from futuristic camper vans and a scooter for the disabled to electric buses), but his portfolio also includes metal furniture collections for Metalkas, functional solutions for the capital’s Moya gas station or Balticus watches.