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Whether you are a watch collector, looking for a timepiece for a gift, or perhaps looking for an everyday watch, Balticus is an excellent choice.

Nowadays, watches have ceased to be just a dispassionate timekeeping device. They have become an indispensable addition to most situations and events in our lives. Balticus, with its elegant watches, will make us remember special moments for a longer time.

Our goal is for exclusive Balticus watches to not only please the senses and satisfy the desire for beauty, but also to provide owners with the comfort of uninterrupted service for many years.

Although it seems impossible to reconcile water and fire, we do try from time to time to carry out seemingly impossible projects. The Stardust watch, an object of our pride, an object of exceptional commitment has received an extraordinary reference. The dial of the watch was “flooded” with oil. However, we left a bit of air inside it, thanks to which the watch is fondly called “bubble”.

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