Introduction to women's watch collection

Balticus, in the process of creating exclusive timepieces, thinks not only about Male recipients, but also about Ladies who see the value of having a premium luxury watch on their wrist.

Especially for our female customers, we created the Sky collection, which has been extremely warmly received. The name of the collection refers to the sky, because we wanted their Owners, adorning their wrists with watches from this series, to feel special. When creating a collection of branded women’s watches, we took care of every detail of their finishing. Our goal was to create a fashionable watch for women who want to emphasize their self-confidence, professional position and social status through this accessory. It is also not insignificant for us to emphasize feminine beauty and elegance. That’s why we put all our talents and skills into the design of the Sky watch.

The watches in both the first and second editions have been created in multiple color versions to respond to the demanding expectations of their female owners. Our desire was that our customers could choose a watch according to any criterion, and that this choice would be perfect. In our opinion, we have succeeded in achieving the goal we set for ourselves, as evidenced by the design and creation of the second series of watches in the New Sky unveiling.

New Sky, we consider the project complete. Drawing on our experience in designing and launching, the Sky series, we wanted to design an exclusive women’s watch that is not just a form of jewelry and an accessory to an outfit or occasion. In creating the second installment of New Sky premium watches, we wanted to give men a chance to give their partners a special item as well, as a token of appreciation, love and respect.