Sport has always been close to our heart, and had a special place in it, always occupied by handball for years. Always with baked goods on our faces we watch the actions of our handball players on domestic and foreign arenas. It was our quiet dream to make our own contribution to the history of this beautiful sport. We are very proud that this goal has finally been achieved.

Information that we are one of the main sponsors of the PGNiG super-league in both male and female versions will probably not surprise handball fans. After all, for some time now our presence in all events related to PGNiG is very visible. However, we wouldn’t be ourselves if we limited ourselves to a quiet patronage. It is with great satisfaction that we fund prizes for players – of course in the form of Balticus watches.

The model we have chosen to honor outstanding handball players is the elegant Balticus Volans. The handball players, on the other hand, can enjoy the ethereal Balticus Sky.  We even tried to mark our timepieces, which go to the competitors with an appropriate, commemorative print on the case back.  The prizes sponsored by us are awarded, among others, to the best or PGNiG superleague player every month.

We want to believe that after many years these watches will become a nice souvenir for the players, to which they will gladly return. For now, however, we are happy that Balticus are official watches of the women’s and men’s PGNiG super-league. See you on the pitch and watch the matches on TV – we will be there. What about you?