Grey Seal

The two in the name of the Grey Seal II model is not without a reason – it is a reissue of the first Balticus watch that was made. We have a special fondness for the Grey Seal and it was the work on this watch that made us realize how much effort, knowledge and commitment it takes to create a watch from the scratch.

Design is a challenge

The design phase of this model lasted 8 months and was a real school of life for us. Everything we have learnt thanks to the “seal” is reflected in each subsequent Balticus watch.

Ponadczasowy diver

Grey Seal II is a timeless compressor-style diver, equipped with a precise, automatic Japanese mechanism closed in an envelope made of steel or bronze. The lid is decorated with an embossed image of a grey seal. The dial with a clear texture additionally emphasized with a gradient intrigues and tempts to peek at the watch frequently, at least not to check the time. The whole is complemented by a great leather strap and sapphire crystal glass with anti-reflective coating. Can you resist the temptation to own it?

Swiss precision

Thanks to Swiss precision, we create watches of fully Polish brand, which are refined to the smallest detail. The determinants of this are reliability, durability and multifunctionality, allowing the creation of perfect watches, which are additionally enriched by an amazing and unconventional design, thanks to the unique projects of Piotr Ogrodowicz, a true passionate and master in his craft. Thanks to this, our brand’s premium men’s and women’s watches have invariably found their way into your hearts for years.

The quintessence of watchmaking craftsmanship

Patience and care are the pillars of a watchmaker’s work. This allows for great precision in the production of reliable and elegant premium men’s and women’s watches, which you can enjoy wearing on your wrist. This extraordinary jewelry is the quintessence of extraordinary watchmaking craftsmanship, allowing it to enrich any styling, being an accessory of the highest class.