A fragment of the starry night sky enclosed in the form of a watch – this is the first thing that comes to mind when first looking at the Balticus Stardust. Luxury men’s watches from this collection are a great designer accessory for everyone and are available in many variations.

Minimalism and elegance

This extraordinary effect is made by the navy blue aventurine, which was used to make the shields of all the models from the collection. In order not to divert attention from the unusual dial, both the tips and indices are minimalist and elegant. The steel cases with their expressive, polished surfaces and numerous sharp edges give Stardust its distinctive, raw character.

Many model options

If you choose a watch from this collection, you can choose between women’s and men’s models, standard and slim versions, options with or without a date, a silver case with a gold or black PVD coating. Each watch is also equipped with a precise movement, sapphire glass with internal anti-reflection, high class water resistance and an additional leather strap.

An indispensable styling element

Charm and elegance these words best describe premium men’s watches from the Stardust collection. Therefore, they are a great complement to any styling, whether formal or less formal. They give charm and character to anyone who wears them. Exclusive men’s watches from this series are all the best, namely uniqueness and magical character straight from space! These are exclusive men’s watches, which you just want to wear! See for yourself by choosing the only one from this magical series.