Watch care

Usually we buy a watch with the thought that it will serve us for at least few years. In addition to precise timing, we expect it to look great. How to make it work for a long time, and at the same time be well maintained and not bear traces of wear?

Watch behind a leather strap

The watch on the leather strap is very versatile and fits the styling for many occasions. Therefore, in order to serve us for a long time, it is worth to take care of the belt even before the first time you put the watch on. A preparation for impregnating the skin, which will protect it from the harmful effects of external factors and make it more flexible, and thus less susceptible to cracking, will be very helpful.

Regular care will make the strap soft and resistant to damage, so preparations designed for soft leather, such as special shampoos for leather, will be useful. Under no circumstances should you forcefully straighten the strap, which naturally adapts to the shape of your wrist.

It is worth taking care that the strap does not come into contact with water, because the skin does not like moisture. However, if the wrist strap gets wet, it can be wiped with a paper towel. Do not bring your watch into contact with a source of heat, for example by placing it on a radiator. Too high temperature can cause skin cracking, so it is better to let the skin dry at room temperature. Do not put a damp strap in a box.

The watch gets dirty both on the top and the inside when it comes into contact with the skin. Due to the increased sweat secretion in summer, it is advisable to wear your watch loosely fastened. If it gets wet, wipe it off with a soft cloth.

Watch with a bracelet

The bracelet is more durable than a leather strap, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be cared for. It’s prone to scratches, so you should protect it when you’re working at home or even at your desk, as it often rubs against your computer’s desk or keyboard. Scratches cause the bracelet to become dull. It is best to get used to taking off your watch as soon as you get home.

Wipe the bracelet with a damp cloth, e.g. microfiber. In the case of larger dirt, you can use a soft toothbrush and soap – provided, of course, that the watch is waterproof.

Under no circumstances should toothpaste be used in the care of your watch. Although you can find various opinions on the Internet that the cleaning effect is satisfactory at first, the abrasive particles contained in the paste can lead to scratches or tarnishing and can destroy the bracelet and the case forever.

Watch case care

Do not forget that the care of your watch is not limited only to the care of your belt or bracelet. It is equally important to take care of the watch case. It should be wiped regularly with a soft cloth. In the case of waterproof models, heavier dirt can be removed with soapy water. Leave any maintenance procedures that require opening the case to specialists. The watchmaker’s help will prevent possible damage to the delicate parts of the movement inside the watch.

Although it seems unlikely, some people do not take their watch off before bedtime. Sleeping with the watch on is both uncomfortable and unhygienic. The watch strap and the skin underneath the watch are unable to breathe and the watch is prone to damage, significantly shortening its life span.

Every now and then, usually once every 3-5 years, it is worthwhile to ask a specialist for help in caring for your watch. Such “inspection” will allow us to enjoy the watch for many years.