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Meet Balticus Moonfish – an exceptional diver, being the fruit of our experience gained over the years. From the design side it is definitely our most ambitious watch. Behind the Moonfish’s design stands none other than Mateusz Przystał, whose talent you already had a chance to get acquainted with during many of our previous projects. Mateusz’s designs are characterized by great attention to detail. Each element is there for a reason and contributes to the overall appearance of the watch. Each cut, folding of the envelope, color or material has been used to achieve a pre-planned effect. It is thanks to this that Balticus watches coming out from Mateusz Przystał’s pencil are so complete and loving.

Mateusz Przystał, Studio61
Mateusz Przystał, Studio61

We are very proud of the bezel of our newest watch. It is a fully original design, the production of which cost us a lot of time and effort – but it was worth it. The fluting is on two planes, which is a very rarely used solution, but it makes the grip much easier, even in diving gloves. The intricate fluting and perfect bezel grinding is what gives the Moonfish its unique character.

Karbowanie na dwóch płaszczyznach betela. Rzadko widziane rozwiązanie, trudne technologiczne, ale efektowne i praktyczne.
Notching on two planes of betel. A rarely seen solution, technologically difficult, but effective and practical.

This stylish diver is encased in a case (40mm diameter) made of high grade 904L steel. Such a noble material inspired us to create an envelope that would make its characteristic gloss and lighter color as visible as possible. We will immodestly say that in Moonfish both satin and polished surfaces look simply great.

The applied glass is of course sapphire with anti-reflective layer. Swiss lume is present not only on the hands and indexes but also on the bezel’s fluted markings and our logo engraved on the crown. We decided to use Super-Luminova with X1 gradation – it is much easier to activate, and after two hours it shines 60% brighter than A-grade lume.

Super-Luminova o gradacji X1 użyta w Moonfishu, po dwóch godzinach świeci o 60% jaśniej od lum o gradacji A.
The X1-graded Super-Luminova used in Moonfish glows 60% brighter than the A-graded lumens after two hours.

As the Moonfish is a full-blooded diver we could not miss the high class water resistance (20 ATM). It is also worth mentioning that this model is equipped with a tapered bracelet. It measures 20 mm at the attachment and 18 mm at the clasp. For the work of the watch is responsible precise, Japanese automatic movement from the stable of Citizen – Miyota 9015. What can we say more? Only that we hope you will love this watch, as we loved it during long months of its creation.

Steel like no other

Grade 904L stainless steel is like no other. Visually, it offers a beautiful luster and excellent hardness. Although it is only slightly harder than 316L, many polishers who work with this grade of steel in their watches on a daily basis point out the feeling of its greater hardness. They appreciate its qualities, even though they also point out that it is more demanding to work with than 316L. Of course, scratches will appear on both, but the mirror effect achieved in 904L will last much longer and be more difficult to fog than in 316L. It is the mirror effect that is most often claimed for this grade of steel.

Resistant to extreme conditions

Besides, due to the additional amounts of chromium, molybdenum, nickel and copper, 904L steel is marked by a very high resistance to corrosion, rust and acids, and thus a high resistance to extreme conditions. So it is an excellent material for watches for special tasks. Sea water, especially of high salinity, combined with mechanical damage to the steel surface, can cause pitting in 316L. Hence, the need for 904L, which has been considered a marketing ploy for years, is not crucial in the manufacture of watch cases worn “to the shirt” or to the office, but its use in high quality diving watches is practically justified.

A real challenge

As we mentioned above, 904L is definitely more demanding to work with than 316L steel. Special machinery and custom manufacturing processes are required to work with this class of steel to shape it. For this reason and because of its advantages, 904L steel is used by premium watch manufacturers. Balticus has joined Rolex and Ball in producing watches with 904L.

We want to be the best

Why did we at Balticus decide to use 904L?
1) Because it is a challenge, only few companies took it, and so far nobody in Poland has taken up the gauntlet. 2) Because we want to show that a domestic brand can also do it. 3.Because we want to stand out.
So to the question why 904L, we answer because others do not do it. Because when someone asks where and who in the world makes watches with 904L, the answer will be that there are only a few brands in the world, including Balticus in Poland. And we at Balticus have big ambitions and an appetite for more. We see our way clearly and distinctly. Come with us.


On this page you have the opportunity to place a preorder for the Balticus Moonfish watch. To purchase the watch, please choose the color version, then add the watch to your shopping cart and pay for your order. Once the payment is credited you will receive a confirmation from us. You will then receive a decorative box with your voucher and photos. This package is not only an impressive confirmation of your watch reservation, but also works great as a Christmas gift. The watches are scheduled to be shipped early next year. However, we cannot exclude later delivery in case of random events beyond our control.

All variants of the Balticus Moonfish watch are limited and numbered. The size of the limitation depends on the color version;

  • Blue aventurine – 150 pcs.
  • Green – 100 pcs.
  • Blue – 100 pcs.
  • Orange – 70 pcs.
  • Black – 50 pcs.
  • Grey – 50 pcs.

If you are interested in a particular limitation number be sure to write about it in the comments to your order. Preorders are accepted only for 5 pieces of each color version, so the old rule applies: first come, first served 🙂



Case diameter40 mm
Wysokość koperty11 mm
MechanismAutomatic, Miyota 9015
TarczaOverlay indexes, SuperLuminova with X1 gradation
GlassSapphire with double anti-reflection
Watertightness20 ATM
Dial coloraventurine | green | blue | orange | black | grey
AdditivesLogoed crown with luma, Rotating bezel, Screw-on crown, Screw-on lid
Guarantee2 years