Uncompromising diver for the most demanding

Żabnica – Anglerfish

If you have been acquainted with our watches, you have probably noticed that we hold all kinds of divers in high esteem. We have already created several lines of super compressor divers (Seals and Helmet Divers), as well as a collection of classic divers (Deep Water). However, we still felt a bit unsatisfied. That is why Żabnica was created – a watch that is the crowning achievement of our love to underwater timepieces. We wanted it to be an unforgettable experience, to be memorable and one of those watches that you recognize at first glance. Whether we succeeded, you can judge for yourselves.


Balticus Żabnica Anglerfish

Playing with light

Anglerfish is seemingly a classic diver, not going too far beyond the genre framework of this type of timepieces. Yes, this is partly true, but we made sure that our newest design escapes boredom and does not let you forget about it easily. The best example of this is the dial of the Baltius Żabnica – Anglerfish watch. Regardless of the color version, it is decorated with a pattern of sea waves. This element is additionally convex, and its overriding role is the play of light. The reflections make the dial shimmer and the color of the face seems to be not uniform. This solution has one more important advantage, it provides the impression of depth and three-dimensionality of the dial. This effect is further enhanced by the internal bezel with minute scale, which is not located in the plane of the dial, but on the rim between the dial and the glass. Balticus Anglerfish has a lot more to offer than “just” a racy appearance. While designing this model, we did not spare on materials and quality of finishing. Anglerfish’s steel case focuses on sharp, decisive lines softened a little by the presence of polished elements. The glass is of course sapphire with double anti-reflection. All this makes that the game of light initiated by the dial extends to the entire watch.


Anglerfish in the name and on the lid

It is no less interesting from the neckline side. The Balticus Żabnica – Anglerfish watch is a return to stamped lugs. This time the back of the watch is decorated with an embossed image of an anglerfish, which lent its name to our watches. The fish is polished to high gloss, and its eyes are filled with black enamel. An impressive detail is the end of the lure filled with luma. Under the lid, there is a Japanese automatic movement with a frequency of 28,800 kph, equipped with a power reserve indicator. As befits a true diver, the Balticus Żabnica boasts a 30 ATM water resistance rating. The watches are sold on three-row bracelets with micro-adjustments and a signature clasp. In the set you will also receive a silicon strap perfect for diving.