This model, limited to 200 pieces, was developed over a long period of time, but this is not surprising considering the number of eye-catching details we have included. The shield is decorated with a fragment of a woodcut from 1831. – The Great Wave of Kanagawa. The same motif can also be found on the caseback, but here it has taken the form of an intricate embossing. The collection of exclusive Balticus The Wave men’s watches is distinguished by a high class of water resistance. It is also a limited series with unique graphics. Which makes premium men’s watches from this collection even more special.

Phenomenal luminescence effect

It gets really magical only after dark – apart from indices and bezel scale we also covered the graphics on the dial with luminescent paint, which looks really phenomenal in the dark. The bronze case is made from the highest quality metal used in the marine industry (of course a steel case version is also available). Everything as you wish and for the best effect.

Accurate and reliable

The Wave also features high class water resistance, sapphire crystal glass with internal anti-reflective coating and two straps: leather and silicon with bronze buckle. Accurate and reliable Japanese automatic movement, bearing on 24 stones guarantees many years of trouble-free work. Each copy of the watch has an individual limitation number stamped on the caseback, which makes each piece unique. This wave is really worth getting carried away.

The quintessence of watchmaking craftsmanship

Project of premium men’s watches from Balticus Fala series were designed by our extraordinary and unconventional designer Piotr Ogrodowicz, who approaches watches with unusual precision and ingenuity. The fruit of his inspiration and research are extremely exclusive men’s watches, in front of which you can not be indifferent. Their innovative and modern mechanisms make these watches durable and made of high quality components. What more could you want?

He's not afraid of water

Not only the design distinguishes the premium men’s watches from this collection, but also the functionality. A distinctive feature of this unusual collection is water resistance, allowing you to dive with the watch on. Complemented by a unique graphic design, it becomes one of a kind. Charming and functional, this is how the Balticus Fala series of exclusive men’s watches can be described in a nutshell. See for yourself its uniqueness.