Phases of the Moon

Phases of the moon is our first line equipped with a graphic presentation of the lunar cycle.

Guaranteed high precision

The work of the watch, together with the aforementioned complication, is the responsibility of the Swiss movement Ronda 708 – a guarantee of high precision of indications – hidden under the case back decorated with a starry motif.

The fleeting black of the night sky

As for the dial… The fleeting charm of a starry night sky enclosed in the form of a blue aventurine or perhaps the predatory severity of a meteorite? In the Phase of the Moon collection, you can decide for yourself which dial suits your taste better. Each of them has a completely different character, and seeing them side by side, you have the impression of being in contact with two completely different watches. We hung the whole thing on an excellent steel bracelet made of small, full links, equipped with a hidden butterfly clasp. Of course, we wouldn’t be ourselves if we forgot about the extra leather strap.