Okay, but what, actually, who is Balticus and where does the idea for creating watches come from?

Let's start with introducing myself. My name is Bartosz Knop, I started my adventure with timers a few years ago after my return from Iceland. More specifically, I was inspired by one of the JS Watch companies, thanks to which I started searching for material to create my own watch face called Star Dust. The name Stardust itself was born on a nice watch group on FB - Czasoholicy (Timeholics) :)

That's how the idea was born! If I create something for myself, maybe someone else will be interested in it? Thus, I started building the first Polish watch brand from scratch. I am from Władysławowo, which is why the name naturally referred to the Baltic Sea.

The first steps were hard for me, not related with this industry before, I learned from my own mistakes and went through unexplored paths. After registering the patent mark for the whole area of the European Union, I started looking for a parts supplier.

In 2015, I flew to Hong Kong to sign in person a cooperation agreement with the component manufacturer. I thought the worst was behind me, but then the difficult design process came. The Gray Seal model was our first and despite many prototypes and patches, we were unable to avoid mistakes and shortcomings. The exaggerated ideas were quickly verified by the possibilities, execution time and delivery time.

At that time, I did not know about it, but it took 8 months to prepare the final project starting with a white card. Despite the hardships, long implementation process and huge financial outlays, we managed to release the finished product.

In this way,  already as Balticus, we entered the market with a confident step, from this place I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this success. Thanks to you and the hard work that we have done with pride and full awareness, I can sign with my name and surname.